Elements Soap Company

The overall concept behind this “soap shop” is to know where the materials that are in your skin products come from. To feel like you are in a cavernous mine plucking the minerals straight from the source. Of course, not all come from caves, after all all it is just a concept.

The coloring of the plaster used to make the stalactites and stalagmites will differ in areas of the shop just like in nature to show different types of rock and land types, to create the depth though is by lighting. LED copper string lighting will be tangled in the plaster to create light and shadow within the canopied areas.

In the areas that are more clean edged and contemporary it is important to continue a color palette that is fluid with the theme throughout.

These colors found in Colorado grown mineral deposits and stones will be used in the floors, lighting fixtures, paint and counter tops.

Wall washers and LED string lighting will be used to accentuate and cast shadow, while recessed cans and fluorescent banks give general and task lighting. Chandeliers will be added to open areas for a dramatic addition to the overall aesthetics.

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