Current Projects

All You Have to Do is Call, W.S.S.F

Concept statement

The grand idea for this pre- and post- restaurant is to create four sections that change on a quarterly basis as the seasons do, as does the theatre in which it will cater to. Some design aspects will feel much like “the stage” and be uninhibited, OTHERS, LIKE the SPACE planning of the kitchen, serving stations and rest rooms will conform to the traditional layouts of a functional restaurant.

Each section will represent a season: The foyer will represent the season that is current, fall moving to your left you can sit in winter–> Spring–> (or) summer themed sections and enjoy an appetizer or dessert with the option to pair with hot, cold or alcoholic beverages.

In each section are playbills of past seasons and current playbills will be in the foyer. before a show (possibly eating an appetizer) the lights will be high to reflect the excitement before the show and After a show the lights will be low to allow guests to reflect upon the show while enjoying a desert.

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