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Aaron’s Billion Dollar Home

Concept Statement

Aaron is a longtime friend that has just recently bought his first home in Capital Hill. He is in his late 30’s, single, a web/game developer and a bit of an introvert with many entrepreneurial ideas. He hopes to learn an instrument, be a water colorist and become more sociable. Someone who is so ambitious makes a very challenging client.

The focus for this idea is to combine Aaron’s need for a multi-tasking space and a changeable environment to suit his particular mood; active, maybe chaotic or calm and focused. To do this I will use Aaron’s interest in a monochromatic color scheme to create varied shades of light and dark. I also will space plan the living room to have several zones for different activities but be open concept to able him in moving from task to task.

However, using strong space planning technics will allow him to move from drawing, to playing the keyboards, to closing the shades from his technology hub, to also transitioning easily to having a few friends over to watch the game. A necessary part of the design is that this main room not have any direct morning or evening sun to deter Aaron from using the room at certain times, but rather north facing, to get soft even day lighting perfect for drawing and painting.

In addition to using space planning to create a multi-functional room, the color story will play a huge part in the feeling of each room of the entire dwelling. Aaron’s request to stick with primary and secondary colors used in a monochromatic fashion will influence fabrics, wall covering, paint and art work choices. I will compartmentalize colors to rooms so that throughout the home there is verity, but each room is represented as individual.

Aaron has also requested that he have 2 entry points. One for the public at the front of the home on the street, and the other toward the back on the south side of the home adjacent to the alley for vehicle access of friends and family. Although it is not part of this design I will keep in mind that in the future he would like to have an outside deck area extending off the back entrance.
Technology will play a part in this design as well, there will be little to no collections of any kind. For me this means, “How do I fill up this much space with a very minimalist’s frame of mind”. Aaron has no existing furniture, or even bedding to work from excluding the 3 “Rorschach Test Series 2” art pieces. It is both exciting to start from scratch as it is also a challenge to purchase everything with little inspiration to work off of.

Project Narrative

As a visitor to this contemporary ranch-style, yet mid- century modern influenced house there is a
not-so-subtle feeling of protectiveness and privacy over the dwelling from strangers. First, there is a high-tech alarm system. Then there is a duality of opposites theme on the wall in front of the door of a water structure wielding a fiery mask. Although there is storage and a path to the living room from the south-west entrance for those welcome, it also excludes those who are not while still feeling cool and clean; and being convenient by providing a powder room before ever entering the rest of the house.
Whether coming through the visitor, or private entrance and both south facing, you are first welcomed into a large living room with sunken seating and social atmosphere. The master’s suite is just off the living room on the south side of the house. However, it is hidden from the untrained eye by a
20-foot-tall wall of light, color and movement. Although this room it not used often it is open, fun and available for many people to gather. Also off this room is the laundry room and the guest rooms. The kitchen, opening to the living room, has plenty of seating at the bar and diner style booth for conversing whether playing pool or cooking. This room is big enough to share the space but convenient for one person learning to cook. It is warm and bright and has a lot of contrasting materials. The windows facing the east let in the morning sun.

Opening the secret door into the master’s suite you find yourself gazing through a large picture window onto Commons Park. The closet is reminiscent of the storage cubes in both entrance and allows the user to easily throw things around rather than fold and put away everything. Because the room is small there is no door, rather drapery is used for when others are in the room. A one of kind music therapy bed will be installed to encourage a restful sleep and peaceful awakening. It is simple with no T.V or other distractions. This modest, but sexy space is calm, warm and quiet; and quite different from the calm and quiet of the bathroom and yoga space. The unconventional bathroom uses more cool tones and natural aesthetics.

On the north side of the house, walking down a hall to the guest bedrooms is a bathroom at the end and mirror image bedrooms on the left and right with pocket doors, one with cool tones and the other with warm tones. The bathroom provides easy access for day guests, as well as overnight guests, in addition to the powder room at the front of the house. These rooms are very small, but are great kids rooms, when the time comes, or re-sale.

As you move lower into the house the “play room”, or the tech hub, music room and art room, is adorn with large windows along the entire north wall looking out on to the Platte River. All the windows are sensor controlled to drop shades down with a touch of a button during times it is too bright. The room is equip with sound barriers that showcase the three Rorschach Test art pieces. The desk tucked into the bay window is a top of the line high-tech setup with screens, speakers and memory built-in. From the computer you can control the temperature, the lighting, all shades throughout the house, security camera and locks on all the doors and windows, and sound and video feed throughout the house.

Last, but not least is the media room. At the lowest level of the house this room is very sound and light proof. This room will feel just like in the theater with comfortable personal seating and 60” screen.

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